Client Testimonials

We were so pleased when we saw Debbie's page on the website as we were getting to the end of our tether with our daughter Maisie's sleep. Since a toddler (now 3 years ) she has not slept well and we have struggled with routine and got into bad habits. Debbie came to our house to discuss our difficulties and put us at ease straight away. By the end of the day she had sent us a step by step sleep plan tailored for us as a family. Debbie was there on the phone or email when we needed her advice, and much needed support (Even at week-ends!) Maisie now enjoys going to bed, and us as a family no longer dread it. She now sleeps through the night in her own bed, and the very rare occasion she hasn't we've known exactly what to do. Maisie's behaviour has improved since sleeping better, and as a family we are much happier.

Can't thank Debbie enough.

Kirsty, Rob and Maisie age 3 years (Bath)

Fantastic service! Great to meet Debbie at our home. I like the fact that I could contact Debbie in non conventional hours to give us advice when needed for our 2 year old's son sleeping. Toby would relentlessly keep getting out of bed and therefore ended up in ours for most of the night. The sleep plan worked exactly as Debbie said it would (must admit there were times when it wasnt easy but Debbie was with us every step of the way) and we are amazed at the results.  We can now put Toby to bed and he will settle fairly quickly. My husband and I now have our bed to ourselves!! Apart from in the morning when Toby comes in for big cuddles. 

Would recommend Debbie anytime.

Philippa, John and Toby age 2 years (Bathampton)

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Debbie as I had a phone consultation. I felt we had a great repour over the phone and had all the communication I needed. My 8 month old little girl was not sleeping well and not getting quality sleep. I was exhausted as I was breastfeeding constantly throughout the night. Debbie was very knowledgeable when it came to breastfeeding and gave me the advice and support I needed. Our little girl now doesn't rely on a feed to fall asleep and is sleeping a good 8/9 hours at night. Debbie also gave me advice on day naps and routine, and also solid food advice. We are so thankful for her help.

Christie (Bromham)

We were struggling with both our children waking constantly throughout the night, if it wasn't one child up it was the other! 

Our youngest, Olivia in particular constantly screamed the house down most nights. We dreaded bedtimes and were at our wits end! My mother contacted Debbie initially on our behalf and she said Debbie could definately help. Debbie came to our house and she was really lovely. We discussed all the issues we were having and she was obviously very knowledgable about not only sleep issues but breastfeeding too. We decided to start with our daughter Olivia as she would only fall asleep with a feed, so woke frequently in the night needing to resettle. By the end of the day we had our own tailored plan for feeding, naps and bedtime routine. Debbie was in contact everyday giving much needed advice, support and encouragement. Within a few days she was settling herself to sleep in her cot. 

Within a week she was no longer being fed during the night and was starting to sleep through! We were so happy with Debbie we started  looking at Harry, with whom we have had sleep issues with forever! Again Debbie came to our house for an initial consultation armed with reward charts and incentives. Debbie had  again sent through a tailored sleep plan for Harry that same day. Within a couple of days Harry was settling himself without anyone else needing to be in his room. (Previously he demanded his Dad was in his bed to fall asleep) and would wake multiple times during the night. Harry slept through the night for the first time ever! 

We cannot thank or recommend Debbie enough. My husband and I have got our evenings back. Our kids are happy and we really can't believe how quickly we got there!

Sally, Steve, Harry aged 3 years, Olivia aged 8 months (Frome)

We called Debbie out of complete desperation, after our 16 month old daughter had never slept longer than a couple of hours at a time during the night, and would have a long period of awake time every night. 

Within 48 hours of contacting Debbie we had a home visit with her where she listened to our needs and drew up a plan to help us help our baby sleep. After the first week we realised the initial plan wasn't quite right for our baby and the rest of the family. Debbie revised it and sent us an altered plan within just a couple of hours. 2 nights into the new plan our baby only woke once and settled back to sleep in minutes. 4 nights into the new plan our baby slept the WHOLE NIGHT! 7pm straight through until 5.30am!! Debbie has been there every step of the way and helped and encouraged us to help our baby get the sleep she (and we) deserve!

A very happy family and baby!

Thank you Debbie!

Kirsty, Adam and Indie aged 16 months (Chippenham)